Besides the samplers, we can also supply the optional equipment, such as EMF flow meters, gaskets and pumps. We also use this equipment in our special sampler applications.

Electromagnetic flowmeters

Flow meters are used to measure water flows as accurately as possible.

Our Efcon Electro Magnetic Flowmeter (EMF) has minimal contamination in the measuring section, detection of empty pipes, a display with actual & total flow and a pulse & analogue output due to its PTFE lining. Because of its high accuracy, EMF meters are often used when discharging wastewater flows.

Be sure to select the correct EMF ‘Diameter’ with the correct flow rate.

  • Recommended. min. Flow rate: 0.05 m/sec
  • Accuracy +95% from: 0.10 m/sec
  • Accuracy +98% from: 0.50 m/sec to 10 m/sec
  • Avoid flow rates above 5 m/sec due to the risk of air entrapment at high flow rates.


  • No moving parts and no obstructions in the gauge
  • PTFE lining for minimum contamination and easy (CIP) cleaning
  • Display with actual and total flow
  • 8-digit totaliser
  • Empty line detection
  • Pulse & analogue output

Special Flowmeter applications, e.g. Bubble tube flowmeter

Sampling systems with open channel flow measurement (based on international leading standards such as ISO 1438 & BS3600) can be equipped with a level sensor, e.g. a bubble tube sensor or an external 4-20mA signal. These can be used for the following primary devices:

  • V-Notch: V-notch measurement, for 3 standard angles (28.3°, 53° & 90°).
  • Venturi formula 1: According to formula: Q = C × √h3× 3600
  • Venturi formula 2: According to formula: Q = C × he × 3600
  • Data table: assigning 24 medium levels (mm) to 24 flow rates (in m3/h)

Bubble tube measurement
If selected, the bubble blowing air pump starts to create pressure. Default range (full scale): 0-0.5 metres.

Sewage pumps

Vortex pump 2″

  • Used for small wastewater flows up to ± 15 m3/hour
  • Pump is without level controller (option) and can be fitted with a 2″ ball valve
  • 230 Volt

Vortex pump 3″

  • Used for wastewater flows up to ± 45 m3/hour
  • Pump is without water level sensor (option) and can be supplied with 3″ cast iron pump guide system and 3″ ball valve
  • 400 Volt

Standardised Efcon Waste Water Pumps, manufactured in Europe, are optimal in price and performance.

Wastewater pump specifications

  • Double electric pump housing
  • Oil bath motor (biodegradable) for cooling and lubrication
  • Oil bath for mechanical seals

Maximum medium temperature (for both pumps)

  • 25°C if 50% soaked
  • 50°C if 100% soaked
  • 35°C on average
Vortex 2″ Vortex 3″
Power supply 230 VAC / 5.5A 400 VAC 5.7A
Power 1.225 kW 2.6 kW
P2 Nom 0.73 kW 2.2 kW
HP 1.0 PK 3 PK
Dirtpassage ± 50 mm ± 80 mm
Flowrate 18 m3/u at 3.2 m 42 m3/u at 6.5m
Discharge connection 2″BSP 3″BSP
Material incl. SS 304 DINI1.4301 SS 304 DINI1.4301
Material shaft SS 316 DINI1.4401 SS 316 DINI1.4401
Material O-ring NBR NBR
Protection class IP68 to 5 m IP68 to 5 m
Weight 11.5 kg 23 kg
Cable length 10 m H07RN-F 10 m H07RN-F
Packaging size 190 x 230 x 480 260 x 300 x 550