Efcon Water offers a variety of sampling cabinets for wastewater treatment, industry, Life Sciences and many other areas of work.

Efcon Water samplers

The sustainability of our enclosures made of LLPDE is underlined by using more than 30% post consumer waste. In this overview, we present a distinction between the different sampling enclosures. Read more about our wastewater sampling products by selecting one of the enclosures. You will be taken to a product page of this enclosure, where you can find a detailed overview of its specifications:

  • Carrybox; Very compact sampler for vacuum and peristaltic sample collection, without refrigeration, for wall mounting.
  • Efconomy samplers; Cost-effective sampling solutions for standard applications.
  • Efcon industrial samplers; Tailor-made sampling solutions with larger storage containers
  • Efcon specials; Side cabinets for optional equipment, used for both Efconomy and industrial samplers.

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