The Efconomy sampling system is the best-selling sampler made by Efcon Water. The Efconomy sampler can be equipped with a vacuum, in-line or peristaltic sampling technique. This makes it possible to take samples from a well, canal and/or pressure pipe.

You will find Efconomy wastewater samplers on standard applications for wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Operating independently or as a slave to a master PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

Efconomy wastewater samplers are equipped as standard with either an Unitronics Jazz or an Unitronics Vision 130 controller:

  • The Jazz has all standard applications and can be prepared for BUS systems.
  • The Vision is used for customised applications and can be adapted for Ethernet, data logging, open channel flowmeter, pump control and more.

The Efconomy can be fitted with different container configurations in the refrigerated section which depends on the demand and application:

1x 25 liter 2x 25 liter 4x 15 liter 8x 5 liter 12x 2 liter 24x 1 liter

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Top quality wastewater samplers
Designed with minimum amount of vulnerable parts
Wide range of sampling principles according EN 16479, EN ISO 5667 and NEN 6600-1
Patented, extremely robust, chemical resistant and stable thermoplastic housing
Excellent cooling performance (2 to 5¬įC) according EN 16479, EN ISO 5667-3 and NEN 6600-1
Specially built for harsh environment (4 year enclosure warrantee)
Use of 24 VDC standard components for safe operation and easy worldwide service support


If installed according to the installation manual:

Thermoplastic housing – 4 year
24 months / excluding wear parts