This is a fixed-volume automatic sampler for use on 100% filled and pressurised effluent lines. The medium must be liquid and free of air and/or hard solids.

The Efcon In-line sampler can be adapted for taking 10, 25 and 50 ml samples from a pressure line. The sampler can be used for PE, PVC and stainless steel pipes with a minimum diameter of 80 mm, where the sampler will be connected to the pipe with a saddle clamp (PE) or a weld fitting. For pipes with a smaller diameter, a special fitting should be ordered.

  • At rest, the plunger of the In-line sampler will sit inside its stainless steel casing with the sample opening above the pipe running to the sample box.
  • Compressed air will shoot the plunger inside the pressure line, after which the sampling orifice will fill with the medium.
  • After a few seconds, the plunger will retract, with the filled sample orifice emptying itself by gravity into the line running to the sample box.

The Efcon In-line sampler is designed for sampling raw wastewater and operates at a maximum process pressure of 2.5 bar and optionally up to 5 bar. This sampler complies with EN ISO 5667-2, EN ISO 5667-10 and NEN 6600-1 and is equipped with a pneumatic actuator (6-8 bar).

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