EN ISO 5667 & NEN 6600-1 certified

The Efcon® ILS 3W series is an automatic in-line sink, fixed-volume sampler for use on a 100% filled and pressurised wastewater line. The sampled process must be liquid, free of air and solids larger than 5 mm.

  • Complies with EN ISO 5667 & NEN 6600-1 and can be supplied in a cost-effective Efconomy or robust Efcon Industrial version.
  • Available in PVC-C, PP and stainless steel 316 housing with pneumatic (6-8 bar) or electric 24 VDC actuator.
  • The sampler can be volume-, time- or event-proportionally controlled via an Efcon controller or via a third-party PLC.

Recommended mounting fittings for the sampler can be supplied (optionally) in several sizes. Use in hazardous environments is prohibited unless specified in the manual and on the product.