Efcon Vacuum Samplers are equipped with reliable standard hardware and electronics. The complete design is aimed at long-term sampling with minimal downtime. The 8-metre pump unit, specially developed by Efcon, is easy to maintain and creates a constant vacuum in the flask.

Efcon has 3 different sampling systems using this sampling method. Depending on the application, we have a Carrybox, Efconomy and Industrial sampling cabinet in our range that are EN 16479, EN ISO 5667 and NEN 6600-1 certified:


  • Construction with 1 sample head with glass or non-breakable polycarbonate chamber
  • 1 Pump module with 3 diaphragm pumps, 24 VDC 8m suction height, see opposite
  • 1 bidirectional 24 VDC pincher
  • 1 double-contact 24 VDC level detector with alarm output

  • 1. Before use, the pump will first blow the pipe clean and clear it of old medium. The pinch valve is fully closed during this operation, creating excess pressure.
  • 2. The pump will then start priming, creating a vacuum in the sample flask. The medium passes through the pipe and will be collected in the sampling flask.
  • 3. The level sensors detect the sample and dose the volume into the sample flask. The excess medium will disappear through the suction line.
  • 4. After this, the pinch will open and the remaining medium can be stored in the containers.

Contact level indicator operates at a minimum conductivity of wastewater of 50 ┬Ás. When the conductivity drops too deep
(in the case of demi or pure rainwater), an optional capacity switch can be added to create a fully functioning level detection system.